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Saudi Constructioneers Ltd.
Electromechanical Division
Saudico Wood Factory


Saudi Constructioneers Ltd. was established in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1972 to participate in the growth and development of the Kingdom’s economy, principally in the building and construction fields. 
The largest area of activity within the Company is the Construction Division, with over one thousand employees. Thus far, Saudi Constructioneers Ltd. has performed a wide variety of projects throughout the Kingdom, from housing complexes, administration buildings and commercial centers, to hospitals, warehouses and industrial plants. 

From its early years, Saudi Constructioneers Ltd. committed substantial funds to developing a Rock Crushing Plant, a Marble and Tile Plant, an Aluminum Doors and Windows Plant, a Stone Factory and Wood Factory. These ancillary investments, though separate and distinct from one another, are very much related and assist in the final finishing phase of main-line projects performed by the Company.

Construction Company executing Turnkey Projects for the Government Industry & Local Sector. more

Execution of Electromechanical & HVAC Projects. more

Manufacturing of Wood Products such as Wooden Doors & Frames, Furniture & etc. more

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