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Saudi Constructioneers Ltd . 
Construction Company executing Turnkey Projects for the Government Industry & Local Sector. 

Client Oriented Approach 
We exceed our client’s expectations by: 

· Providing a quality product
· Delivered on time
· At the best price

We accomplish this through our core value competencies, which are: 

·  Client Communication
·  Integrated Planning & Scheduling
·  Engineering
·  Procurement & relationship building in the supplier chain
·  Quality Management System

The company policy statement on quality is: 

Saudi Constructioneers pledges itself to providing customers with the highest quality of products and services from all dimensions of the organization. To achieve this Saudi Constructioneers is committed to clearly demonstrating quality in every internal as well as external activity taken by every individual within the company.
This commitment will be forged in an atmosphere of cooperation and creativeness, allowing everyone involved continuous quality and value. To achieve this, emphasis will be placed on the utilization of human resources and the inductive use of the latest information technology available. All of this will result in the production of a unique and motivated organization, prepared for the many challenges of the future. It is management
responsibility to safeguard the health & safety of all Saudi Constructioneers employees and other personnel within Saudi Constructioneers work areas.

The following points are considered to be fundamental:

·  The safety of the employee is of paramount importance.
·  Safety will take precedence.
·  All Managers, Supervisors and Employees will be involved in the implementation of safety procedures.

The Management will ensure that there is adequate staff, fund and material to meet these requirements.

Our Project Pictures...

Our Project Records...

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