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Saudi Constructioneers Ltd  - PROJECT PICTURES

Project              : Riyadh Bus Stop and Bus Rapid Transit Project- Phase 2  

Client                :
Arriyadh Development Authority - ADA

Location            : Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Riyadh Bus Stops and Rapid Transit (BRT) System. The System in both it's function and design was envisioned to be complimentary to the Metro, providing unique and identifiable stations for the BRT while completing the family of transportation facilities for the city of Riyadh. The project includes all civil, architectural and electro-mechanical works as well as the site adaptation, the utility diversion, the traffic diversion/management etc. This project is comprise of 540 nos. Bus Stops, 3096 Feeder Bus Stops, 10 nos. BRT Stations Served by 09 nos. Bridges and Roadway and Streetscape for Ali ibn Abi Talib Road and Salahuddin Al Ayubi Road. These are located in 9 lines and 2 nos.

Project              : Riyadh Bus Stop and Bus Rapid Transit Project- Phase 1  

Client                :
Arriyadh Development Authority - ADA

Location            : Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Riyadh Bus Stops and Rapid Transit (BRT) System. The System in both it's function and design was envisioned to be complimentary to the Metro, providing unique and identifiable stations for the BRT while completing the family of transportation facilities for the city of Riyadh. The project includes all civil, architectural and electro-mechanical works as well as the site adaptation, the utility diversion, the traffic diversion/management etc. This project is comprise of 408 nos. Bus Stops, 28 nos. BRT StationsServed by 19 nos. Bridges,2 nos. Terminus Stations and 2 nos. Park and Ride area. These are located in 7 lines and 4 nos. Highways.

Project              : AL Rimal Gated Community - Riyadh  

Client                :
General Organization for Social Insurance - GOSI

Location            : Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The Al-Rimal Gated Community site is located North East of Riyadh City along Thumamah highway going to Janadriyah area. Al Rimal gated community is built on land with an area 6000,000m2 and consists of five types of villas (428 Nos. Villas), five types of apartments (854 Nos. Apartments), services apartments, social and recreational facilities and amenities, administration building, utility building, full infrastructure and road network, landscape, parking for 2975 cars and boundary wall. Total buildup area 231,000m2.

Project              : KAFD – Conference Center Contract 2, Parcel A.01 (C28C)  

Client                :
Rayadah Investment Company - RIC

Location            : Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The KAFD Conference Center is located at King Abdullah Financial District (KAFD) in the North King Fahd Road Corridor. The Conference Centre is an attractor building located adjacent the Financial Plaza with total approximate area of 121,757,07m². The contract 2 works are consisting of fit out and MEP Works with the exception of the structural concrete. The works are to include the external landscaping and will incorporate the specialist sub contract for the mega roof structure and external enclosure as well as the state of art audiovisual technologies at auditorium, conference and banquet halls.

Project              : KING ABDULLAH FINANCIAL DISTRICT - Package “DB06D” Parcel 5.07 & 5.08.

Client                 : Rayadah Investment Company – RIC.

Consultant         : Omrania & Associates

Location            : Riyadh – KSA.

Located in King Abdullah Financial District, Riyadh, K.S.A. with Plot Nos. 5.07 and 5.08, which is designed to be one of the regions best-planned communities, providing sophisticated metropolitan design with a futuristic skyline, offers luxurious residential and office spaces with high quality finishes. The project consists of four (4) towers interconnecting with each other on two plots. The towers will be built above ground floor level for commercial, residential and offices. Each plot has two towers one for offices and one for residential consisting of furnished apartments. The Total Built-Up Area shall be 156,000m². A Basement of four levels will be provided for parking and technical use. Consist of retail shops at Wadi level located at the first basement.

Project              : AL QASR MALL PACKAGE 6A & 6B .

Client                 : Dar Al Arkan Real-Estate Company.

Consultant         :Saudi Diyar Consultant

Location            : Riyad – KSA.

AL QASR MALL is one of the prestigious project in South Riyadh with 244,809.00 m2 covered area, plot area 58,216 m² is located at Al Qasr district area development by DAR AL ARKAN. AL QASR MALL, RIYADH, a three storey commercial and shopping center with ground floor level and basement level as parking area. The AL QASR MALL includes a Hypermarket, Lines of Shops, Fun Rides, Boating Area, Amusement Area and Food Court complete with all related support services. Package 6A (Structural works), comprises of excavation works, cast in situ beams and columns, pre-stressed pre-cast slab and space frame roofing. Package 6B comprises of Architectural & MEP Works.

Project              : JABAL AL KABAH PACKAGE TP1 PROJECT.

Client                 : Abdul Latif Jameel Real Estate Investment Co.

Consultant         : Dar Al Handasah Shair & Partners

Location            : Makkah – KSA.

Jabal Al Kabah Project Package TP1: A lump-sum contract, comprise of Jabal Al-Kabah Housing - Hotel located in Makkah Al Mukarramah, K.S.A. only structural, masonry and finishing works. The project is construction of a high-rise, 110 meters, 1780 Guestrooms, 118,087m² Four Stars Hotel proposed to be built as Phase 1 of the Jabal Al Kabah Project on a defined Phase 1 site limit of 6850m². The project consist total 36 floors which of 3 basements occupying the whole site, podium levels composed of ground, mezzanine, and first floor and the tower that includes technical floor below and on top and 26 Typical Floors. The Building is U Shaped, enclosing a landscaped piazza. The piazza is connected to the outside in the direction of the Haram through an underground pedestrian passage.

Project              : KINGDOM HOSPITAL 3rd& 4th FLOOR FIT-OUT.

Client                 : Kingdom Hospital.

Consultant         : Omrania & Associates

Location            : Riyadh – KSA.

Kingdom Hospital is one of the famous Hospitals in Saudi Arabia. 3rd & 4th Floors are under construction with 4,000m² covered area, with high standard finishing level (VIP Level).3rd & 4th Floor comprises of 14 VIP suites, 28 VIP Patient rooms, ICU Sections & Medical services/ supporting areas including all Hospital system such as Fire alarm, Fire fighting, HVAC, Nurse Call, PABX, CCTV, BMS. Public Address System & Medical gas system.


Client                 :King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz General Assembly.

Consultant         : Takweenat Consulting Engineering - Riyadh

Location            : Riyadh – KSA.

A lump-sum Contract Project, comprising of Finishing, Electro-mechanical and Site External works for a 3-storey Building to be utilized as the Head Office of the KABA Est. The main Building of triangular shape in plan, consists of Royal suites, VIP Section.

Project              : AL SHUBAILY GRAND MALL (PACKAGE-I).

Client                 : Khalid S.Al-Shubaily Group real-Estate Investment.

Consultant         : Omrania & Associates

Location            : Al-Khobar – KSA.

SHUBAILY GRAND MALL is one of the prestigious project in Al-Khobar with 248,378.28 m2 covered area is located on a 274,118 m2 site adjacent to the Arabian Gulf, on the northern side of the highway approach to the Saudi Arabian – Bahrain Causeway. The center comprises a main hall, essentially triangular on plan with curvilinear faced and two rectangular structures adjoining the north and south ends of the Main Mall. The Main Mall comprises three levels; Ground Floor level accommodating parking retail outlets, themed restaurants and service/support areas; First Floor level accommodating retail units and themed restaurants; Second Floor level accommodating retail units, family entertainment centre, food court and themed restaurants. Where the rectangular structure at the north comprises of Parking Ground floor, Anchor store at First Floor and Second Floor, the rectangular structure at the south comprises parking at the Ground Floor, Hypermarket at First Floor and three numbers multi purpose Celebration Halls at second floor. Package – I Structural Works: Comprises of Piling works, cast in situ, beams and columns, pres-stressed pre- cast Slabs, steel structures and space frame roofing.

Project              : GRANADA CENTER.

Client                 : General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI).

Consultant         : Zuhair Fayez Partnership Consultants

Location            : Riyadh – KSA.

Granada Center is a Landmark Project as one of the biggest shopping center in Riyadh with 150,000 m2 covered area. The shopping center includes a hypermarket which is operated by Carrefour. The project constructed by using the latest technology as thermal energy storage system, pre-stressed concrete pre-cast slabs, external pre-cast concrete panels, space frames, seamless standing roofing system, skylights, diochroic art glass panels, custom made aluminum ceilings. The shopping center includes food court and catering areas, playground areas, tenant’s shops and anchor retails shops distributed on the ground and the first floors. It is a turnkey project including land development, external landscaping works, parking lot, roads, interior design work, electro-mechanical works and equipments except the tenant’s areas which were furnished by each tenant.

Project              : CITY PLAZA HOME PLAZA – RIYADH .

Client                : AL-MUTLAQ GROUP.

Consultant         : AL-MUTLAQ GROUP

Location            : Riyadh – KSA.

City Plaza Home Plaza is a prestigious showroom at Imam Saudi Bin Mohammed Road, Granada District. The Project consists of 2-Storey building. Covered area 12,200 m2 equal distributed in Ground Floor and First Floor Planned to be used as display area for the City Plaza – Home Plaza showrooms. The building is constructed by using precast double-T slabs, external cladding; cast-in-situ foundation, column and beams. The building has walkator, central HVAC System fire alarm and firefighting system with external aluminum curtain wall. It is a lump sum contract. The scope of works includes land development, external landscaping and hardscaping works and interior finishing. The land lot area is 12,700 m2.


Client                : Saudi Arabian Oil Company (ARAMCO).

Consultant         :Saudi Arabian Oil Company (ARAMCO)

Location            : Haradh – KSA.

A lump sum Turnkey (LSTK) Project which includes the Design Engineering, Material Procurement, Installation/Construction and Maintenance. The Project includes the construction of numerous buildings: Administration Building, Material Unit Building, Fire Station Building, Transportation Building, Power Distribution Building, Maintenance Complex and Various Shelters with infrastructure at the Industrial Support Facilities Area (ISF) of Haradh Gas Plant complete with the Site Preparation, Roads, Hardscaping, Site Utilities, Structural, Architectural, Electrical and Mechanical Works. Total Build Area 16,222 m2 plus Shaded Area of 393m². .

Project              : TAIBA Residential and Commercial Center.

Client                : TAIBA Investment and Real Estate Development Company.

Consultant         : Dar Al-Riyadh Consultants

Location            : Madinah – KSA.

Saudi Constructioneers’ turnkey project, TAIBA Residential & Commercial Center is a 21 Stories Building, consisting of five nos. Basement Floors, Ground Floor, Mezzanine Floor and 14 upper Floors.   Apartments in the upper floors, shopping areas in Ground Floor, Mezzanine and First Basement Parking areas in the lower basements.  Including piling & shoring work for the Basements.  It is located adjacent to the Holy Mosque and equips with latest Electromechanical and Conveying Systems.

Project              : CONSULTING CLINICS BEIRUT

Client                : Dr. M.Gandour + Dr. F.Takieddine.

Consultant         : Ziad Khalife /Client Representative

Location            : Beirut, Lebanon.

The Consultant Clinic is located in Beirut Central District, Lebanon it is a privately owned multi specialty medical center and one of the most respected and trusted medical center in Beirut with fully supported by modern, high tech. laboratory and radiological services, The clinic building includes Three Basement Parking, Ground Floor, Six Floors Offices, Conference room, Pharmacy, Cafeteria, Clinic Shop etcs.


Client                : Mr. Abdullah Al-Nimr.

Consultant         : Zuhair Fayez Partnership

Location            : Riyadh. K.S.A.

Construction of Prestigious 5 nos. Villas, 2 nos. Dewaniyah, Servant Quarters, Guard Rooms, Shaded Walkways, U/G tanks, 7 nos. internal shaded sitting Area and Landscaping. The basement of the main Villa includes Swimming Pool, Jacuzzi, Gymnasium, and main kitchen including hood and complete kitchen equipment, internal and external flooring covered by granite material and all ceiling by decorative gypsum fibrous. Total covered area 8,840 m2.


Client                 : HRH Prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal.

Consultant         : O & A (Omrania & Associates)

Location            : Riyadh, KSA.

A lump sum key project which includes the material procurement/installation/construction and maintenance. The project is a construction of mosque building including Earthworks, Structure, Architectural and Electromechanical Works which includes Imam and Mu’athen residence and 30 meters high Minaret. Total Building Area 2,334 m2.

Project              : NAYARA Celebration Hall.

Client                : NAYARA Company Limited.

Consultant        : Salah Abaalkhail Consulting Engineers.

Location           : Riyadh – KSA.

Saudi Constructioneers’ turnkey project, NAYARA Celebration Hall is one of the most luxurious and largest Wedding Celebration Hall in K.S.A. Construction of Three Stories Building with Basement, consisting of Reception & Festival Halls, Restaurant and Parking. Combining cast-in-place concrete substructure and precast superstructure by other Contractor coordinated by us, high quality external Landscaping surrounded by featured Boundary Wall. Whole building equip with the latest technology and audiovisual and Electro-Mechanical Systems, and Conveying System.

Project              : Al-NAWRAS ISLAND RESORT.

Client                : SAUDI OGER LTD.

Consultant         : Archiplan

Location            : Jeddah. K.S.A.

Construction of 47 Buildings consisting of Junior Bungalows, Drivers Quarter, Two Bedroom Units, One Bedroom Units, Dormitories & public Toilet located on the Cornish of Jeddah along the Red sea. The scope of work includes excavation, backfilling, cast-in-situ concrete and damp proofing works. Each building rest on isolated foundation, wall footing, columns, grade beams and on slope of slabs. Total Building Areas is 15,059.11 m2.

Project              : CREIC – NCCI Tower

Client                : Cooperative Real Estate Investment Co. (CREIC)

Consultant        : Omrania & Associates.

Location           : King Fahd Road - Riyadh

A Saudi Constructioneers’ turnkey project, Construction of 25 Stories Building, consisting of four nos. Basement Floors, Ground Floor, Mezzanine Floor & 19 upper floors.  Offices in the upper floors, Shops in Ground, First Floor, Mezzanine & Parking areas in the Basement Floors.  It is the first building in Saudi Arabia which is equip with Thermal Energy System (TES) beside the Structural Glass external cladding and latest Electromechanical and Conveying Systems.

The tower is finished in turquoise glazing and pink granite.

 NCCI Thermal Storage System is the latest technology in energy conservation. It is a giant ice making machine which feeds the chillers with cooler water when maximum cooling capacity is required. At night, tanks of water are cooled with off peak electricity with the accumulated cooling energy used during the day.


Client                : Council for Development and Reconstruction.

Consultant         :Lebanese Arab Contracting & Engineering

Location            : Beirut, Lebanon.

All Civil Interior Design work, all Electrical works comprising HVAC, Sound and Scenic/External Works, Paving, Lighting, Asphalt and Balustrades, etc. Total Areas 13,000 m2

Project              : GOSI Investment Housing Project.  

Client                : General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI).

Consultant         : Al-Zaid Engineering Consultants.

Location            : Jubail - KSA

A Saudi Constructioneers turnkey project, the General Organization for Social Insurance Housing Project is consists of 387 nos. of two Stories Villas & Garages, 10 nos. Apartment Buildings with each 12 nos. Apartment Units, two nos. of Apartment Buildings with each 17 nos. Apartment Units & 35 nos. of Guardhouses.


Client                : Council for Development and Reconstruction.

Consultant         : Lebanese Arab Contracting and Engineering

Location            : Beirut, Lebanon.

All Civil and Interior Design Works, all Electro/Mechanical Works comprising HVAC, Paving, Lighting and Asphalts.

             : HRH Prince Abdulaziz Bin Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Palace.

Client                : HRH Prince Abdulaziz Bin Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Palace.

Consultant         : Zuhair Fayez Associates Architect & Engineering

Location            : Riyadh – KSA.

Project           : Psychiatric Hospital Housing.  

Client             : Ministry of Health.

Consultant      : Al-Hejailan D.M.J. International.

Location         : Riyadh – KSA. 


Saudi Constructioneers completed the construction and maintenance of Housing Group comprising of: 20 Patient Villas of three Bedrooms, 108 Apartments of two Bedrooms, 232 Apartments of one Bedroom, 90 nos. one Bed Studios, 34 Apartments of four Bedrooms including Psychiatric Hospital and Ancillary Buildings Structural Works & Masonry Works. (Subcontract from: Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd.)

Project              : Al-Rawdah Sharaco Amusement Park.

Client                : Saudi Hotels and Resort Area Company.

Consultants      : Sir William Halcrow & Lingawi Partners.

Location           : Riyadh – KSA.

This turnkey project consists of two sections, Men Section and Ladies Section, including all roads, Infrastructure Services, Restaurant and Cafeteria Building, Administration Building, LandScaping, Car park, Pedestrian Area and Twenty Rides and Play Ground Areas.

Project              : King Fahd Security College Project.  

Client                 : Ministry of Interior.

Consultant         : Mohamed Al-Sabec.

Location : Riyadh – KSA.

Construction as Subcontractor of Hyundai Engineering of 310 Housing Units of two-three-four Bedroom Villas, two Schools, two Recreation Buildings, two Supermarkets, one Mosque, 310 Carports, concrete and infrastructure by Hyundai.  

Block works to Turnkey finish including Electrical and Mechanical Works.

            : Extension – GOSI National Hospital

Client                 : General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI).

Consultant         : Zuhair Fayez Associates Architect & Engineering.

Location            : Riyadh – KSA.

Saudi Constructioneers completed the Construction of a fully equipped 45Beds Hospital, complete with Out Patient Clinics, Operation Rooms, X-ray, Physiotherapy, Medical Beds, Pharmacy, Central Laundry, Central Gas and Vacuum Installation, including Female Nurses and Families Apartment, composed of one Basement, Ground Floor and six upper Stories.

Project              : Chambers of Commerce  Headquarters.

Client                : Chamber of Commerce &  Industries.       

Consultant        : Architectural & Planning  (OMRANIA)

Location            : Riyadh – KSA.

This turnkey project composed of two Basements Parking Level, a Ground Floor, & six Floors with an Exterior of Glass & Marble.

Project              : SABIC Headquarters.  

Client                : Saudi Basic Industries Corp.  (SABIC).          

Consultant        : Saudi Consulting House -   Lea A Daly

Location           : Riyadh – KSA.

A Saudi Constructioneers’ turnkey project, SABIC six Stories Main Building with a two Stories Subsidiary Building and two Levels of Parking Facilities.

Project              : Handicapped Children House, Project No.1.  

Client                : Handicapped Children Association.

Consultant         : Saudi Consulting Service.

Location            : Riyadh – KSA.

Saudi Constructioneers completed the construction of a 120 Beds Handicapped Children House, complete with all Special Handicapped Medical Installation, Rehabilitation Facilities and Out Patient Clinics, composed of an Administration Building, Educational Center, Recovery & Treatment Center, six Housing Units for Handicapped Children, 17 two Stories Villas for married Supervisory Staff, 22 one Story Villas for Bachelor Staff, Service Buildings, Water Towers, Sewage Treatment Plant, Medical Swimming Pools, Sports & Training Facilities.

Project              : Riyadh Postal Center.  

Client                : The Ministry of P.T.T. (Directorate General of Post).

Consultant         : Sofrepost – Paris.

Location            : Airport Street – Riyadh

Saudi Constructioneers in joint venture with a German company are general contractors for the complete turnkey execution of the P.T.T. building. The contract includes all mechanical systems, furniture and communications network.

This U-shaped center for the Ministry of P.T.T. (Directorate General of Post) is located in the heart of the city and incorporated postal sorting facilities, offices, a mosque, a restaurant, a circular roof terrace, and three subterranean levels for parking and the electro-mechanical plant. The 110,000m2 building extends upward eleven floors.

Project              : H.E. Dr. Medhat Sheikh El-Ard Commercial Center.

Client                 : H.E. Dr. Medhat Sheikh El-Ard.

Consultant         : Saudi Constructioneers Ltd.

Location             : Dammam – KSA.

A Commercial Building consisting of eight Stories, Ground Floor, Shopping, Underground Parking, Air-conditioning and all Electrical works.

Project              : Residential and Commercial Complex.

Client                 : General Organization for Social Insurance.

Consultant         : Nabil Fanous, Bassem Shihabi.

Location             : Sitteen Street – Riyadh.

All marble and limestone works originate in Saudi Constructioneers’ factories and workshops.
This turnkey project consists of three buildings, two nine stories and one seven stories high. 
All 130 apartments in this residential and commercial complex are provided with central climate controls. Apartments feature large landscaped verandas, fully equipped kitchens, underground parking and storage facilities. The central courtyard offers recreation grounds, pedestrian bridges and a shopping mall.

Project              : The Airport Customs Complex in Riyadh.

Client                 : Directorate General of Customs – Ministry of Finance.

Consultant         : Mohamad Al-Sabec.

Location             : Riyadh - KSA.

This project included construction of four large warehouses, inspection facilities, offices, a mosque, security personnel quarters and customer services arcade.

Project              : General Organization for Social Insurance Headquarters.

Client                : General Organization for Social Insurance.

Consultants       : Nabil Fanous, Bassem Shihabi.

Location            : Airport Street – Riyadh

A Saudi Constructioneers’ turnkey project, the Social Insurance Headquarters is a modern office complex. More than 8,500 square meter of office space, a cafeteria, and conference rooms. Saudi Constructioneers produced the entire building, from civil works to landscaping and interior finishing's.
The GOSI headquarters building is a blend of fair face concrete, natural limestone, and marble work. The entire concrete structure is cast-in-situ, and specifications for formwork and steel reinforcements incorporated the latest concrete technology.

All the marble work, stone work and carpentry were crafted in the Company’s workshops and factories. From raw materials to finished building, the GOSI headquarters is a Saudi Constructioneers product.

Wood panelling from Saudi Constructioneers Workshops enhances the GOSI Board of Directors Conference Room. 
The 214-seat main auditorium features cork-linked walls and acoustically textured ceilings, sound amplifi-cation & stage lighting.

The turnkey project included a fully furnished cafeteria with dining faci-lities for 250 people

Project              : Dir’iyah Vocational Training Center.

Client                : Ministry of Labor.

Consultant        : Saudi Abdullah Lingawi.

Location           : Ad Dir’iyah - KSA.

The Dir’iyah Center is a modern trade school for the training of Saudi Arabian labor force. Facilities include laboratories, classrooms, media library and a large auditorium.

Project              : Riyadh University Student Center

Client                 : University of Riyadh.

Consultant         : University of Riyadh Engineering Dept.

Location            : Riyadh – KSA.

The Student Center at the University of Riyadh houses recreation, dining and entertainment facilities – a fully equipped gymnasium hall, billiards and table tennis rooms, auditorium, and a mirror-lined cafeteria seating 200 students.

Project              : Refined Petroleum Products Bulk Storage & Distribution.

Client                : General Organization for  Petroleum and Minerals (PETROMIN).

Main Contractor : Constructions Metalliques de Provence.

Location            : Al Qassim, Najran, Assulayil and Duba.

Saudi Constructioneers carried our all civil engineering works for four of Petromin’s regional bulk plants. Construction included earthworks, all types of foundations, buildings, asphalt, and concrete works.

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