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Saudico Wood Factory
Saudico Wood Workshop was established from the early years of Saudi Constructioneers Est. as one of its division to cater and assist in the final finishing phase of main-line projects performed by its mother company. 

With the growing demand on this field in the Kingdom, Saudi Constructioneers Ltd. decided to expand its operation in 1997 and founded the SAUDICO WOOD FACTORY. 

The factory started its full operation in 1998 rejuvenated, utilizing the most modern equipment and technology for woodworks today attended by professionally trained technicians and workers using the best types of raw materials. These are the reasons why our products are simply on par with international standards. 

SAUDICO WOOD FACTORY is located at Rafiah on the Old Dammam Road, Riyadh, over 10,000 m2 land with a built up area of around 5,000 m2. 

It has the following production lines: 
   1.  Doors & Frames 
   2.  Solid Wood Products 
   3.  Custom Made Products 

SAUDICO WOOD FACTORY is producing Windows, Cupboards, Mashrabiya Windows, Veneered Wall Paneling, Non-Fire Rated Doors & Door Frames, Skirting, Handrails, Decorative Ceilings, Wooden Seats, Vanity Units, Kitchen Cabinets, Furniture & etc. 

Under the license of ITS (Intertek Testing Services) from the United States of America, SAUDICO WOOD FACTORY is authorized to produce Fire Rated Flush Doors, Fire Rated Panel Doors & Fire Rated Wooden Door Frames. 

Now, SAUDICO WOOD FACTORY has 10 Engineers supported by a work force of 100 technicians and personnel.

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