About Us

Quality Culture

Saudi Constructioneers’ management at all levels is instilled with a culture of quality in all aspects of construction. The undeniable truth is that the quickest, most efficient and most satisfying way to deal with any situation is to get it right the first time. Repetition of work is totally wasteful in all respects, not least of which is the negative impact on our bottom line and operating costs. Our staff are trained to approach quality issues in a professional way so as to ensure the best outcome for all parties.

Our QA/QC team is responsible for reviewing all results and for ensuring compliance with the standards and project specifications. They are also responsible for identifying any shortfalls in our outputs and for implementing corrective action.

We follow an “open book” philosophy in relation to QA/QC issues on site and share our QA results with the Employer so that everyone is aware of the compliance levels at all times.

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Our People

One of Saudi Constructioneers’s core values is that it is our personnel that make the company. Our personnel are responsible for all of the key issues that keep us growing and ahead of our competitors.

These include safety, quality, productivity and financial competitiveness to name but a few. While the guidance is provided by our senior management, it is the team that works “at the coal face” who either make or break a project.

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Health & Safety

Saudi Constructioneers is committed to achieving the highest performance in Occupational Health and Safety to create and maintain a safe and healthy workplace.

Our approach to health and safety management is guided by our policy where the safety, health and well being of employees, contractors and the community are a core value to Saudi Constructioneers’ operations .

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Saudi Constructioneers believes in following fairly rigorous procedures in the execution of its activities in order to ensure that company standards are maintained and our products meet the expectations of both our Clients and our management. However, every effort is made to ensure that this does not stifle innovation.

Very few of the projects that we have tackled are “standard”. As with many projects in Saudi Arabia, the architecture tends to be inventive. As a result our methods of tackling them have to be equally “non-standard” and innovative.

Our staff at all levels are encouraged to air their ideas. Again, it is the men who have to execute the work who often come up with the best solutions to their daily problems, particularly the smaller repetitive ones which so often consume significant resources.

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Building Information Modeling

Saudi Constructioneers understands the role of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in today’s building industry, and takes advantage of the continuing advancements in Virtual Design and Construction to meet and exceed our clients’ needs and expectations.

Saudi Constructioneers utilizes a wide range of virtual building services including:

• Model-Based Quantity Take-off

• Model-Based Estimating

• Visualization / design clarification

• 3D spatial coordination and clash detection

• 4D Sequencing

• Site Logistics Planning

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